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The only thing better than taking a new shiny bat out of the wrapper is taking a few perfect swings and nailing some line drives into the outfield realizing you made the right decision. But slogging through all the options and listening to a sales pitch at your local sporting goods store isn’t always fun and games. There are nearly a hundred BBCOR Certified bats on the market – and that’s a lot of bats to choose from.

In this equipment guide, Dugout Debate covers all the bases: first, we explain BBCOR certification, then we look at some of the other most important things to keep an eye on before you make a final purchase, and lastly we take a closer look at the best baseball bats of this year. If you’re a grizzled baseball vet we suggest skipping to our lineup of the best baseball bats.

If you’re looking for youth baseball bats check out that guide.

Comparison Table: 19 Best BBCOR Baseball Bats

Here are the most popular and top-rated baseball bats (BBCOR and -3 Drop) currently on the market. We have them arranged by price in our comparison chart so that you can budget accordingly. We also keep our posts updated with new products, but still feature some of our old favorites (sometimes older models offer a superior value).

ImageBatModel YearSizesPrice
Louisville Slugger Omaha 51820186
Rawlings Impact20203
EASTON ELEVATE Baseball Bat20185
Easton ZCore Hybrid20165
EASTON Project 3 Alpha20196
Rawlings 515020161
Louisville Slugger Solo 61820184
Louisville Slugger Omaha 51720177
RIP-IT AIR Baseball Bat20142
Rawlings 515020206
Louisville Slugger Omaha 51620162
Rawlings 515020214
DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced20205
DeMarini Voodoo Balanced20203
Easton MAKO Beast20174
Easton MAXUM 360 BBCOR20204
DeMarini CF BBCOR Bat20205
Marucci CAT9 CONNECT20212
DeMarini Goods Half n Half20213

A Closer Look: 19 Best BBCOR Baseball Bats

Still on the hunt? Here are some more popular models worth checking out. These bats meet the BBCOR standard. We’ve also suggested to you some older versions of each bat for your consideration. Often not much changes in the design besides color, so you can sometimes get a great bat at a slighter lower price if you aren’t as picky about style and/or don’t need the latest and greatest. After you read through our suggestions, you can also check out our buyer’s guide with features to look for.

1. 2019 Rawlings 5150

Rawlings 2019 5150 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

Fresh from the manufacturer, the newly updated Rawlings 5150 Bat has quickly jumped the ranks to become one of the highest-rated bats on our list. Adored by players across the field, this high-performance bat has been uniquely engineered with pOp technology for that perfect crack every time.

2. 2012 Rip-It Prototype

RIP-IT 2013 Prototype BBCOR Baseball Bat

The 2012 Prototype is similar in strength and design to the newer models, however, a few things are a bit more basic. The handle is straight, rather than tapered, and the end has a more rounded design.

3. 2019 Rawlings BBCOR Threat

Rawlings 2019 Threat BAT

Another new contender, the 2019 Rawlings Threat is a bat to be reckoned with. Sporting 100% composite material and lightweight construction, you can expect a brilliant swing every time. BBCOR certification makes this bat perfect for heavy hitters across the country.

4. 2016 Rawlings 5150

Rawlings 5150 Series BBR53-33

This 2016 5150 Model is one of the best selling Rawlings bats on Amazon, and it is one of the more recent additions. Aside from its electric color, the bat itself is made from the same alloy as all other 5150 models that give you a strong hit.

5. 2020 Louisville Slugger Omaha

2020 louisville slugger omaha

The 2020 baseball bats are focusing on every aspect of design, right down to the end caps. The 6-star design on this, when combined with the LS Pro Comfort Grip will give your hitter maximum swing and control. The tack is excellent, and the feel is comfortable. The Louisville Slugger is a classic, and the Omaha is redefining that with the best technology in VIBEX materials.

6. 2020 Rawlings 5150

Rawlings 2018-5150 Alloy BBCOR Table

The 2020 Rawlings 5150 maintains its ranking as a bat with incredible responsiveness. Crafted from aircraft-grade 5150 alloy, the lightness, and precision of this bat is unlike anything else on the market. BBCOR approved and play tested by amateurs and professionals alike.

The 2020 version is available in 6 different sizes.

7. 2015 Rip-It AIR EliteRIP-IT BBCOR AIR Elite Baseball Bat - Best Baseball Bats

The AIR from Rip-It has been putting up huge sales numbers and has solidified Rip-It as one of the big players in the bat business. The AIR is a single-piece alloy and the AIR Elite is a two-piece hybrid. Both are BBCOR certified and implement Rip-It’s Rifle Barrel design. This barrel is designed so that the average wall thickness is extremely thin but still strong enough to last numerous seasons. The Elite has an aluminum barrel (R3 Alloy) with a composite handle (R3 Composite) making it Rip It’s fastest bat yet. These bats are backed by their 400-day warranty with unlimited parts replacements and is further complemented by their 30 day love it or return it policy.

8. 2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid

easton z core hmx bbcor adult baseball bat

Coming in as a fantastic choice at an affordable price is the Z-Core Hybrid Edition Baseball Bat that released in 2016. With a Swing Weight Index of 33″ you’ll have a faster swing, due to the weighted end.

9. 2017 Easton ZCORE Lock & Loadz core lock and load

Easton is a premier manufacturer of some of the best baseball bats the market has to offer, and the latest Z-Core release is this beautiful Lock & Load edition. Made with Hyperlite Matrix Alloy, the material is sure to give you more power throughout your whole swing. The tapered handle and superior grip will give you confidence in your stance.

10. 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha:

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

A trusty bat from the long-standing Louisville brand, the Omaha has been a solid bat throughout all its generations. The 2018 version is a fresh release, with a more simple and modern design. Its construction is very similar to that of the last few years of releases as well.

11. DeMarini 2020 Voodoo One Balanced

demarini 2020 voodoo one balanced

The 2020 Voodoo One Blanaced brings a new approach to the plate. The one-piece alloy construction means a stiffness that’s similar to wood bats. The end cap is designed to increase pop without slowing you down on the swing. Right now you can get this bat in 5 different sizes.

12. 2016 Louisville Slugger Omaha

2016 Louisville Slugger Omaha

The Louisville Slugger 2016 Omaha bat uses a new lightweight 7U1 alloy material and implements the Slugger Flex Band technology in the barrel. The “lizard skins” grip and bright yellow and red design is a head-turner. It’s backed by a 30 day no questions ask performance return policy just in case you aren’t feelin’ it.

13. 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo

Louisville Slugger Solo 618 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

The iconic bat, the Louisville Slugger Solo is the perfect choice for players in all positions. Made from Hyper Alloy and crafted into one solid piece, the stability of this bat is second to none. Purchase includes a 1 year warranty and has been approved for all BBCOR baseball leagues.

14. 2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha


The 2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha is a great -3 drop midrange bat with a unique barrel design called Carbon-Core. This means the bat has very thin walls that offer low swing weight and a faster strike. Combine that with the 1-piece aluminum construction, speed cap, and lizard skin grip for a great all-around BBCOR bat perfect for nearly every player.

15. 2015 Easton MAKO TORQ

Easton MAKO Torq Baseball Bat - Best Baseball BatsThis bat is quickly growing in popularity, in part because of the new TORQ technology. Easton indicates that studying high-speed film of some of the world’s best hitters shows they actually adjust their grip mid-swing. This helps them keep the sweet spot of the barrel in the hitting zone longer, which provides more leverage. The new Torq handle is designed to assist hitters in rotating their hands while swinging.

16. 2015 Demarini CF7

DeMarini CF7 Baseball Bat - Best Baseball Bats

The Demarini CF7 was one of the best bats to come out of 2015. It rivals the Zen in both power and structure. Due to it’s age, you will be getting it at a more reasonable cost while still getting the DaMarini CF quality and power.

17. 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Insane

demarini voodoo insane 2019

This series of bats has been among the favorite of many athletes for several years running. DeMarini is one of the gold standards in the business and is a leading innovator in the chase to craft the perfect bat. Their latest Voodoo bat has been praised as their best yet. The 2019 Voodoo Insane FT is a -3 drop bat that uses an X12 alloy material for the barrel. The barrel has a slight end load for extra power and pop. The Voodoo Insane’s barrel punishes the ball for daring to come near.

18. 2018 DeMarini CF Zendemarini cf zen balanced

Another successful bat from DeMarini, following the CF7, 6, and 5, is the Zen. This is an expensive composite bat and is almost entirely constructed from their Paradox +Plus composite material. This composite tech blends together some of the best fibers in the industry. The new D-Fusion handle is promised to eliminate all handle vibrations while the material on the Zen is built 22% stronger than previous models.

There are a select few bats that can match the top of the line balance of power and lightweight that the Zen offers. RCK also finished the ends off with their low pro end cap on one end and the RCK knob aka the “Real Cool Knob” on the other.

19. 2017 Easton MAKO Beasteaston mako beast 2017

The Beast is almost an understatement of a name for the longest two-piece barrel in the baseball world, and with the weighted end it’s also got the fastest swing time. Obviously, all of this comes with a much higher price tag, but you’re getting what you pay for. The technology is patented in design while the two piece construction allows for precise construction of the handle and the barrel. The grip will help you feel comfortable after all kinds of hits, both square on and at high-speed pitches.

What is BBCOR?

BBCOR stands for ball-bat coefficient of restitution. Yeah, we like BBCOR better too. It is a relatively new standard that was put in place in 2011 to replace BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio) which failed to account for bat performance after it is broken in. To make a long story short, BBCOR came about because of the trampoline effect. The trampoline effect is a term used to describe the phenomenon of when the baseball “jumps” off the bat upon contact (stiff barrel = slower, soft barrel = faster).

Pre-BBCOR, organizations like the NCAA determined ball exit speeds were too fast, resulting in too much risk to the pitcher and infielders. 90 mph pitches were coming off bats at nearly 110 MPH. Pitchers were vulnerable to comebackers, which could hit their unprotected head at up to 4000 pounds of force!

Almost all high school and collegiate players are now required to use BBCOR certified bats. Though hitting production has been noticeably reduced as a result of these restrictions, players are much safer. It is rumored that BBCOR now makes all bats (composite, aluminum, hybrid) equal in performance.

That’s not true.

Just like with previous regulations, not all bats are created equal. To meet these BBCOR standards, barrels must be thicker than before or dampened somehow internally. Bat manufacturers have come up with many different ways to still meet the new standard and optimize the bat’s weight and speed.

  • Standards for NCAA Players can be viewed here.
  • Standards for High School and Youth Leagues can be viewed here.

Keep Your Eye on the Bat: Top Factors to Consider

Factors to Consider - Best Baseball Bats

Bats have got increasingly complex over the years. Sports science continues to find ways to tweak and hone bats. Thousands of dollars are spent figuring out ways to increase the sweet spot by a fraction of an inch.


The most common bat materials found in high school and college are aluminum and composite. Hybrid bats are made of both composite and aluminum material. Each has its own distinct contact sound: the “ping” of the aluminum versus the “thud” of a composite.

  • Composite: Composite bats are composed of woven fibers such as Kevlar, graphite, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. Manufacturers use numerous tight weave tech to create the optimal pop in their bats. One thing to keep in mind is that composite bats need to be broken in for best performance. The best way to do this is take about 100-200 swings, rotating the bat a quarter turn after each swing. Many studies have found newer composite bats to be better performing than bats constructed from other materials because of their lighter weight. Composite bats are also known for their ability to better absorb vibrations. Typically, they are more expensive than their aluminum bat counterparts.
  • Aluminum: Metal, aluminum, and alloys all fall under the aluminum category. The feel of aluminum making contact with the ball is stiff and responsive. You will really feel the ball when you make a good connection. Aluminum bats are usually more affordable than composite bats and they do not require that “break in” period that characterizes composite bats.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid bats are a middle ground of sorts. They are designed to reduce some of the cost of a full composite bat and still retain many of the benefits. If you’re on a strict budget you may want to look at these when checking out aluminum bats.


There are two major construction designs for bats: one-piece and two-piece.

Example of a Two-Piece Bat

Example of a Two-Piece Bat

  • One-Piece: The handle and barrel of one-piece bats are made from one solid piece of aluminum, wood, or alloy. These bats are great for power hitters because when making contact with the ball, little to no energy is lost using a one-piece bat. This allows you to completely crush it. These types of bats are also known for their robust durability.
  • Two-Piece: This type of bat obviously differs from the one-piece bat in that the handle and barrel are two separate pieces. These pieces are bonded together. The two-piece design allows the bat to flex, making it better for contact hitters whose main focus is putting the ball in play. Two-piece bats generally have a faster swing speed than one-piece bats.


One of the first metrics you should look at is size. Your weight and height will help determine the best option for you.

  • Weight: As players get bigger and stronger they usually prefer heavier bats for maximum power. It is a good idea to see how much weight you are comfortable with by swinging some of your friends and teammates bats.
  • Barrel: Barrel diameter is restricted by most leagues to a certain maximum. Most youth players in Dixie and Little League baseball with players 12 and under use 2 ¼ inch barrels. There are some exceptions in specific leagues and travel teams that allow the use of larger 2 ¾ inch barrels. High school and college leagues restrict players to a 2 5/8 inch maximum barrel diameter.
  • Drop: Also known as the length-to-weight ratio. You may have heard this term thrown around before. It is the way a bat’s weight is measured and is unique to softball and baseball. The drop weight is found by taking the difference between the length of the bat and its weight. For example, a bat that is 34 inches long but weighs 26 pounds has a drop weight of -8. Ideally you want something that optimizes your swing speed (without losing too much power) by matching your ability to the bat’s size. All BBCOR bats feature a drop 3 length to weight ratio. So if someone is talking about the best -3 baseball bats you know they are talking about BBCOR bats.
  • Length: We’ve included the chart below that shows you the best length for your personal weight and height. All BBCOR bats range from 29 to 35 inches in length, with most falling between 31-34 inches. Of course, longer bats are usually heavier which could slow down your swing speed, but on the other hand they give you greater reach. It’s a good idea to find a middle ground.

Baseball Bat Length by Height and Weight


Powerful endcaps, well-designed handle knobs, exceptional handle grips, manufacturer’s warranty, and other featured highlights are worth keeping an eye on. For example, some bats have cushioned handles to reduce contact sting or special endcaps designed to eliminate vibration by pushing energy back into the barrel for maximum power.


Extras: Endcap Tech


There is a wide range of bat prices—all the way from eye ball popping to lowly prices that draw skepticism (is that bat going to explode when it hits a wiffle ball?) We’ve included a few different price ranges in our best bats line-up to assist you in making your selection. Of course, you want to buy a bat from somewhere that has competitive pricing as well as a good reputation.

Boutique bat stores offer top notch customer service, but mark up their bats accordingly. Many online stores have great prices and a wide selection, including all the size and weight options, but you’ll need to have a good idea of what you are looking for. Wherever you go, we think a key thing to look for is the company’s return policy- you don’t want to spend a couple hundred bucks and be stuck with a bat that has a defect or isn’t right for you.

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