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If you have spent any time watching professional baseball, you know that sunglasses are a large part of the game. Baseball sunglasses allow for accuracy, eye protection, and of course, style. They are more important than you might think. Keep reading to learn why good quality baseball sunglasses are necessary, what to look for in your next pair, and the best baseball sunglasses to choose from today.

5 Best Baseball Sunglasses for 2021: Comparison Table

Here is a quick look at the sunglasses on our product roundup list. We’ve got them in order of price ascending to make it easy for you to compare.

ImageGloveFrameLens SizePopularityPrice
Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses
RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses
Nike Hyperforce Elite Sunglasses
PolymerNot Listed
Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection
Titanium Grilamid60x37mm
Oakley Men's Radar EV Shield Sunglasses
Plastic38mm Wide

Best Baseball Sunglasses for Style and Protection

Below are the top-rated baseball sunglasses on the market today.

#1 Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses

Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Lens Width: 68mm
  • Lens Height: 44mm
  • Tint: Not Polarized
  • Style: 9 Colors

Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses have many unique features that make them an excellent choice for baseball players. To start, the lenses incorporate UA’s “Tuned” tech which means they provide contrast enhancement in sunlight or field lighting. They come bolstered with an additional coating UA has dubbed the UA Storm. This coating essentially makes the lens extremely strong and durable. The lenses are waterproof and anti-fogging–no more worrying about those humid or rainy days.

One of the best features of the Octane Wrap shades is the fact that they are unbreakable. They are made out of a polymer material that is light, flexible, shatterproof, and UV blocking. These shades not only feature UA’s unbreakable ArmorFusion frame tech, they also are ultralight so you won’t even notice them even when that rivalry game goes into extra innings.

#2 RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses
  • Material: Grilamide
  • Lens Width: 64mm
  • Lens Height: 40mm
  • Tint: Blue, Brown, Black, Polarized
  • Style: 9 Colors

If you’re looking for cheap but great quality baseball sunglasses, RIVBOS polarized sports sunglasses are your best bet. These are backed by a lifetime breakage warranty on both the frame and the lenses. The polarization and 100% UVA/UVB protection will make sure eyes are kept safe without distorting vision. They eliminate reflections and fit snugly with the built-in grips.

RIVBOS also comes in many different color variations so you can buy a pair for every type of day. The variations also allow these shades to work for both softball and baseball players and are some of the best youth baseball sunglasses available.

#3 Nike Hyperforce Elite Sunglasses

nike hyperforce elite sunglasses
  • Material: Polymer
  • Lens Width: Not Listed
  • Lens Height: Not Listed
  • Tint: Polarized
  • Style: Interchangeable

New to our list are these Hyperforce Elite Sunglasses from Nike. They feature a one-piece interchangeable lens, that gives great protection without inhibiting visual clearance. Nike partnered with Zeiss Optics to make the best sports lenses possible.

The nose piece is adjustable and ventilated for added comfort. The arms are also reinforced with rubber for grip and stability.

#4 Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection

under armour igniter polarized multiflection
  • Frame Material: Titanium
  • Lens Width: 60mm
  • Lens Height: 37mm
  • Tint: Polarized
  • Style: 2 Colors

Under Armour Igniter are polarized and provide 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection. Plus, they are made with polycarbonate lenses and titanium frames. This means they are extremely durable and practically shatter-proof. The lenses are resistant to water, scratching, smudging, and staining.

With an adjustable nose pad and gripped framed, Under Armour Igniters can be fixed to fit snugly but comfortably. These sunglasses will make sure players look stylish while providing the best protection money can buy. Nothing will hold you back from those practices, drills, and games.

#5 Oakley Men’s Radar EV Shield Sunglasses

oakley radar prism baseball sunglasses
  • Material: Plastic
  • Lens Width: 38mm
  • Lens Height: Not Listed
  • Tint: Polarized Red
  • Style: 10+ Colors

These are by far the best Oakley sunglasses for baseball, though they come with a higher price tag, they are going to last through multiple seasons. The Plutonite Outfield lenses are scientifically crafted to help their eyes detect motion in the sky without the glare of the sun. These Oakley’s are perfect for those who are playing in sunny conditions on a regular basis.

What to Look for

There are a few specifics to look for when choosing the best baseball sunglasses. They have to do with the fitting features, frames, and lenses.


Fitting is the most important characteristic when searching for the best baseball sunglasses. You must make sure the glasses fit your face correctly and snugly so they don’t slide or bounce. If your glasses don’t stay on, then they won’t do you any good.

Look for frames that can be adjusted at the temples and stems that are gripped. The gripping will help them stay on securely. If needed, look for baseball sunglasses that have an adjustable nose piece, too.


Frames play an important role in how well baseball sunglasses perform their duties.To start, choose baseball sunglasses that meet STM F803 standards. These will have shatter-resistant frames ensuring the most protection and durability. The frame material that makes the best sport sunglasses is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate frames are extremely light but also strong.

best baseball sunglasses

Sight is also something to consider when rating frames. Make sure to find frames that do not hinder peripheral vision. Great baseball sunglasses will allow you to see the entire field while providing peripheral protection from the sunlight. Frames with rimless bottoms are best for this.


Like frames, polycarbonate lenses are best. They are shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Look for lenses that are at least 3mm and meet ASTM standards. It is also important to find high definition or polarized lenses. These allow for clear and improved vision while reducing reflected lights.

Lenses with the anti-reflective coating will also reduce glares and help you see the ball against the sun and sky. UV protective coating is also important for protecting the eyes. The best baseball sunglasses will have at least 99% UVA and UVB blockage.

best baseball glasses

Choosing a Lens Color:

  • Clear: Clear lenses are great for night games. They protect the eyes but do not hinder vision and clarity.
  • Grey: Grey lenses are best for sunny days. They reduce brightness and glare while preserving colors and clarity.
  • Brown/Copper/Amber: These colors work well on cloudy days. They prevent blue light and brighten vision. This allows for better contrasting of the ball from the sky.
  • Orange and Yellow: Orange and yellow hues let in some brightness but still protect the eyes and reduce glare. They work well on cloudy days or somewhat sunny days. Like the darker lenses, these colors make it easy to contrast ball against the sky.
  • Green: Green lenses are perfect for sunny days. They prevent blue light, which reduces reflecting glares and improves contrasts. The lighter color keeps colors balanced but protects the eyes from the sun at the same time.
  • Blue/Red/Mirrored: These colors have no benefit. They are simply for looks. Stay away from these colored lenses for baseball sunglasses.

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