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Let’s take a look at something that’s helpful for coaches and team managers: the best baseball scorebook. Everybody loves a good game of baseball. And those who love the game love the stats that come along with it. Scorebooks offer a great way to keep track of those important stats. There are a variety of baseball scorebooks, so how do you know what’s best?

The best baseball scorebook is the one that helps you track all the info you want. There are plenty of options out there, so don’t settle for a scorebook that doesn’t have the right fields.

What are some of the best scorebooks on the market? Keep reading to find out. Here are nine of the best baseball scorebooks you can buy.

9 Best Baseball Scorebooks 2021

To some extent, your scorebook of choice will depend on preference. But you’ll also need to consider your needs or the needs of whoever asked you to keep score. Once you know what you need, you’ll be able to choose the right scorebook.

To get started on the right foot, take a look at these nine scorebooks.

#1 Franklin Sports MLB Baseball/Softball Scorebook

baseball scorebooks

This Franklin Sports scorebook costs a bit more than the last one, but it lets you track nearly double the number of games if you only want to track one team. If you’re tracking stats for the whole game you’ll be able to score 25 games.

This book is a great option for beginner scorekeepers. It contains the basic fields for tracking information and it comes with instructions so you’ll know just what to do.

#2 Cramer Scorebook, C.S. Peterson’s Scorebook, Baseball, and Softball

best baseball scorebook

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive option, this scorebook is for you. While it gives you room for more information, it’s inexpensive like the others we’ve mentioned so far. This official scorebook includes has sheets for tracking 25 games of 12 innings each. There’s also room for 11 batting positions.

One great feature of this scorebook is the cover. While the two we mentioned previously had some complaints as to durability, this cover and binding were built to last.

#3 Champro Baseball Scorebook

baseball and softball scorebook

If your team has a lot of players, this scorebook may be what you’re looking for. It has enough room to track 18 different players. Line-up sheets are included. You can track 26 games with this book, which is spiral bound and ready to be used. If you need to build or brush up on your scoring skills, the included instructions have you covered.

This book doesn’t have sheets for tracking individual player stats. So if you’re looking for that, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

#4 BSN Baseball/Softball Scorebook

baseball scorebook

This scorebook works for tracking the stats of either softball or baseball games. This is perfect for people who enjoy and follow both sports. One scorebook has room to track the scores for 26 games. Each sheet provides room for tracking 16 batters and nine innings.

This scorebook goes beyond helping you track each game. It also includes a team roster, season totals, a battering average chart, and more. It may not be the sturdiest scorebook out there, but it does its job well.

#5 Rawlings System-17 Scorebook

best baseball scorebooks

The Rawlings System-17 scorebook lets you score 24 games, up to 9 innings each. One nice perk provided by this book is the space to include two substitute players in addition to 17 regulars.

This scorebook is designed to provide you with an easy, enjoyable scorekeeping experience. It’s got the standard spiral binding and can be used for scoring both youth and adult recreational games.

#6 Rawlings Deluxe System-17 Scorebook

rawlings deluxe scorebook

If you like the Rawlings book but are looking for something a bit beefier, go for the deluxe option. This scorebook offers the perks of the original, but with even more to love.

This scorebook is easy to use, just like the original, but it also includes more room for pitcher stats and extra writing, and it’s easier to read. It’s set up to be simple for beginners, but scorekeepers of all levels will enjoy this scorebook, no matter what level of game they’re scoring.

#7 Glover’s Baseball/Softball Scorebook

best baseball softball scorebook

Glover’s provides a scorebook that you’re bound to love. It includes player statistics, line-up cards, and room for scoring 30 games. Track up to 15 players and keep all your stats safe inside a durable polycarbonate cover.

While several scorebooks receive complaints about providing too few boxes, you won’t run into that issue here. Large scoring boxes and supersize line-up cards make this scorebook easy for anyone to use.

#8 Covey Sports Baseball Softball Scorebook

baseball game book

If you like to track a lot of games and both teams at once, you can’t beat this scorebook from Covey Sports. It holds a whopping 100 games and allows you to track both teams on the same page, which eliminates flipping pages.

Less page-flipping is one way to keep your scorebook in shape. But you won’t need to worry about that, thanks to the high-quality backing, cover, and coil that comes with this scorebook. It’s sturdy enough you won’t mind writing on it wherever you go. This book is really meant for just about anyone. Track little league, high school, or any other games you want.

This scorebook is large, so if you need something small, this isn’t the book for you.

#9 Barksdale’s Little League Scorebook

best baseball scorebook for little league

If you’re looking for the best baseball scorebook for little league, this is it. It’s officially licensed for that very purpose.

Track up to 15 batters and 8 innings during 24 games. If you are tracking pitches, you’ve got enough room for 400. All this is contained in a heavy-duty spiral bound cover.

The Basics of Baseball Scoring

Having the best baseball scorebook is one thing. To use your baseball scorebook, you’ve got to know how to score a baseball game. You may think you only need to keep track of how many points each team has, but it can be more complicated than that.

Needs differ from situation to situation, but in general, a team or league will want more information. Here are some basic things you need to know.

Player Abbreviations

Baseball scorebooks use abbreviations to refer to each player on a team. Some of those abbreviations include the following:

  • P: Pitcher
  • C: Catcher
  • 1B: First baseman
  • SS: Shortstop
  • RF: Right field

The different positions can also be referred to using numbers. Here’s an abbreviated rundown:

  • Pitcher: 1
  • Catcher: 2
  • First baseman: 3
  • Second baseman: 4

Letter abbreviations are also used to market what type of hit a player made, so the number system may be less confusing. For example, 1B can represent both first baseman and a single hit.

You Need other Info Too

You’ll need more information than just how to abbreviate plays and positions. You’ll need to know batting lineups, players’ numbers, and more to properly keep score.

Take a look at your scorebook and make sure you understand how to use it. If you don’t, ask an experienced scorekeeper for help.

baseball scorebook

Why do I Need a Scorebook?

You may think you don’t need a scorebook because you aren’t a scorekeeper. There are plenty of reasons for others to use a scorebook, though. Scorebooks provide a place to track all sorts of stats. Baseball players like to know how they’re doing. They won’t have anything to gauge their performance against if they don’t track their progress. For this reason, players may like to have a scorebook of their own, to keep tabs on themselves and the members of their team.

Parents and coaches can put scorebooks to good use, as well. They may keep stats for their own enjoyment, for memory’s sake, or for a child who’s too young to do it on their own.

Ultimately, anyone who loves or is involved in the game of baseball can enjoy using a scorebook.

Types of Scorebooks

There are various types of scorebooks. You may prefer one type over another, so it’s important to research and compare your options. The best baseball scorebook for Little League may have different fields than the best one for a professional game. So it’s good to know what fields you need before you purchase a scorebook.

If you don’t plan to track very much, a simple notebook may suffice. But if you plan to record every stat, you’ll probably want to purchase a scorebook that’s specific to the game of baseball.

Knowing your needs and preferences is the best way to make sure you get the best baseball scorebook for you.

The Bonus Joy of Scorekeeping

Recording the stats of a baseball game doesn’t just allow you to see or work towards progress. It also lets you relive your favorite games. You can keep score during major league games if you want to. Whether you’re at home on the couch or in the stadium, record those stats. Then later, you’ll be able to relive everything over again, because you’ll have a record of every single play.

The same goes for little league, high school, college, or other baseball games. The fun of scorekeeping during a game is only extended when the game ends.

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