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Ready for the big leagues? The best baseball training aids will help you and your team get there in no time.

The best baseball training aids range from pitching nets and accessories, to batting trainers and more. Their function? To increase player coordination, maneuvering, and overall performance. Whether your goal is to train in the field or become a circuit slugger in the batters box, they’ll help you meet and exceed your goals as long as you bring the dedication. And that means more wins for you and your team, a higher batting average, and maybe even a shiny golden glove award coming your way.

This article takes you through the best baseball training aids on the market. We’ll also take a look at how they can help you and your team up your game and slide into victory. Ready to play hardball? Step up to the plate and let’s get cracking!

15 Best Baseball Training Aids for 2021

First, let’s take a look at the best baseball training aids currently on the market.

1. PowerNet Baseball Practice Net

Our pick for one of the best baseball hitting nets


If you’re looking for the best baseball practice net, look no further than this 7×7 portable option from PowerNet. It features a quick 2-minute setup, so you can take it with you to practice sessions or set it up in the yard for home training drills. It also boasts a lightweight yet durable form factor that’s constructed from high quality steel, ensuring pristine use for the long haul.


  • Type: Training net
  • Perfect for: Pitching and batting practice
  • Features: Easy setup, ultra durable, and great for all leagues

2. MacGregor Infield Training Glove

Our pick for one of the best fielding training aids


The MacGregor is a lightweight and comfortable training glove that helps players learn fielding techniques with less fatigue. How’s it work? Well, it gives players the opportunity to develop a quick glove-to-throw transition without the bulk and complexity of a traditional baseball glove. Made from genuine leather, expect an effective and durable training tool that’ll far outlast its foam counterparts.


  • Type: Practice glove
  • Perfect for: Infield training and transitions
  • Features: Leather construction, attractive design, and near-perfect ratings

3. SKLZ Impact Training Balls

Our pick for one of the best baseball accessories


The SKLZ Impact Training Balls are perfect for pitching and batting practice, offering an authentic feel with the perfect amount of oomf. They also provide a distinct pop upon impact, giving hitters audio feedback to help improve their swing. These balls are great for large field and close-quarters training as they won’t fly as far as traditional practice balls. The best part? They’re nearly indestructible, ensuring years of practice use.


  • Type: Training balls
  • Perfect for: Batting and pitching practice
  • Features: Indestructible design, limited flight distance, and multipurpose training

4. Tanner Tee Batting Trainer

Our pick for one of the best baseball hitting aids

The Tanner Tee is used by pro players and youth athletes alike. What makes it so special? The tee features a patented, hand-rolled ball rest that provides the perfect cushion for hitting. Feel the ball and not the tee for maximum efficiency and a low chance for injury. The height can be adjusted to match the player, with a telescoping mechanism that ranges from 26” all the way to 43”. Quite possibly one of the best pro & best youth baseball hitting aids on the market.


  • Type: Tee batting trainer
  • Perfect for: Batting practice for all ages
  • Features: Rubber top, adjustable height, and easy transport

5. Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Our pick for one of the best baseball speed aids

If you’re seeking one of the best ways to increase pitching velocity, the Bushnell Speed Gun is the perfect choice. It features an easy point-and-shoot velocity detection system that displays speeds with pinpoint accuracy. Check the reading from the intuitive LCD panel, and use the information to improve technique and form. Best of all, the Bushnell Speed Gun can track balls that range in speed from 10 MPH to 110 MPH!


  • Type: Speed gun; pitching accessory
  • Perfect for: Pitching practice and better form
  • Features: Point-and-click operation, intuitive LCD display, and incredible accuracy

6. Insider Bat Baseball Pitching Trainer

Our pick for one of the best baseball pitching accessories


The Insider Bat Pitching Trainer is a color-coded baseball that teaches finger placement for different types of throws. Designed for right handers and lefties alike, this 9” ball is the perfect tool for coaches and aspiring players. Included in the bundle is a set of information cards along with pictures of proper positioning and form.


  • Type: Training ball & pitching accessory
  • Perfect for: Aspiring pitchers
  • Features: 9” full-size form factor, color coded instructions, and great ratings

7. Accubat Pro Model

Our pick for one of the best softball training aids


If you’re seeking the best softball practice equipment, the Accubat Pro Model is an excellent instructional tool for coaches and players alike. It takes the place of a fungo bat to allow users to send fly balls and grounders to the field easily and accurately. With an anti-fatigue design and lifetime warranty, the Accubat Pro is an ergonomic training tool for convenience and ease of mind.


  • Type: Fungo bat racquet
  • Perfect for: Coaches, parents, and players
  • Features: Easy operation, anti-fatigue design, and a non-slip grip

8. Rawlings Baseball Resistance Bands

Our pick for one of the best baseball strength trainers


Strength and conditioning are sometimes overlooked in practice regimens. That said, they’re very important if you want to excel on the field. Rawlings fills the void with their Resistance Bands, a unique training aid used to strengthen a player’s upper body and teach proper throwing technique. The bands are great for players of all caliber and simply require a rigid surface and the player’s own body to provide an excellent workout.


  • Type: Conditioning tool; pitching accessory
  • Perfect for: All positions and all ages
  • Features: Durable composite and plastic construction, easy operation, and Rawlings quality

9. HeadCoach ThrowBetter Training Tool

Our pick for one of the best baseball pitching aids


The HeadCoach ThrowBetter Tool is a unique baseball training aid designed for those learning how to throw. It achieves this by giving players a reference angle that they can use while pitching or returning balls to the mound, thus ensuring proper technique. Use of this tool improves velocity and accuracy, while reducing fatigue and the chance of injury.


  • Type: Pitching accessory
  • Perfect for: Learning how to throw; little leaguers
  • Features: One-size-fits-all design, durable, and effective

10. Rukket Baseball Training Bundle

Our pick for one of the best all-in-one baseball aids


Batter up! The Rukket Baseball Training Bundle is perfect for all types of baseball training. That’s because it features many great tools in one awesome carrying case. In this bundle you’ll find a 7×7 hitting new, a strike zone target, training balls, and more. Combined, this exciting set guarantees improved batting and pitching skills in no time. Some of the best baseball practice equipment on the market.


  • Type: Baseball net, batting training, training balls, and additional accessories
  • Perfect for: All players and positions
  • Features: 6-in-1 training bundle, impeccable consumer ratings, and guaranteed results

11. SKLZ Hurricane

SKLZ Hurricane Baseball Swing Trainers

As far as baseball swing trainers go, this model is one of the most popular. This device sets a plastic ball, slightly smaller than a baseball, on a swivel which returns after being hit. With adjustable height settings, the Hurricane can accommodate for players of all sizes and ages. It is typically advertised toward younger players, but the set up can improve any player’s swing.

The appeal of this device that it focuses on repetition of swing. This allows you to fine tune mechanics and concentrate on specific movements. Things like hip movement, rotation, and ball placement will all be exposed if they are not being executed properly.

12. LineDrivePro Swing Traner

line drive pro swing trainer

The LineDrivePro is a baseball swing trainer device that you attach to your bat. The device holds a ball, which you adjust to be on the spot that a baseball would usually make contact with the bat.

When you swing, the ball attached to the device shoots off as though it was being hit with normal contact. The placement of the ball will change depending on where your swing would have made contact with the ball.

baseball swing trainers

This device is exceptional for ball placement and swing mechanics. Working on turning, timing and contact position will all make you a better hitter. This device is geared toward those who have a good grasp on general mechanics and are looking to place their hits in certain positions on the field.

13. Sports Attack Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Sports Attack Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

The pitching machine is a tried and true aid to improve swing and perhaps takes the title of the very best baseball swing trainer. Most baseball teams have access to a pitching machine like this one, which simply requires one to load the queue with balls.

These machines have a high degree of specificity and can place balls wherever you want them to. This means that if you’re having difficulty with low, outside curveballs, you can adjust the machine to give you those pitches.

Additionally, you are able to adjust speed. This means that a player can utilize a pitching machine throughout their career, gaining practice with pitches at the speeds they would face in the game. This machine is on the pricier end, though, so make sure that you are serious enough to make the investment.

14. SwingAway MVP Hitting Trainer

SwingAway MVP Hitting Trainer

This is an apparatus with a hanging ball in front of a net. The net has a red square, showing you where your contact has sent the ball. The ball is adjustable, allowing for you to practice the mechanics of hitting pitches all over the strike zone.

The appeal of the SwingAway is that it allows you to perform repetitive tasks in all number of variations. Additionally, you are able to see where you swing is taking the ball. This allows you to work on your ball placement while you’re fine-tuning mechanics.

15. Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer

Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer

This swing trainer baseball app and device allows you to get a video analysis on your swing. Not only this, but it compares your swing to those of professional baseball players.

The analysis is extremely valuable in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your swing. The true gem of the application, though, is that it gives you tips and suggestions based on the analysis of your swing.

For more options see our dedicated best baseball swing analyzer page.

What are Baseball Training Aids?

Baseball training aids are pieces of equipment designed to improve a player’s in-game performance. There are all types of different training aids on the market, with tools available for every position. This includes options for fielding players and hitters, as well as tools for coaches and umpires.

A Pitching Coach’s Best Friend – The Speed Gun (Image Credit:

Popular baseball training aids include:

  • Batting trainers. Designed for batters, these types of trainers include tees and pitching machines that hold or shoot balls for practice swings.
  • Baseball nets. Baseball nets serve multiple purposes: players can hit balls into them and pitchers can use them to catch their throws.
  • Practice gloves. Typically flat in shape, practice gloves are perfect for quickly stopping ground or fly balls and throwing them back to the pitching mound.
  • Training balls. Special baseballs with built-in weights and other unique designs help train players for a variety of in-game situations.
  • Fungo bats. The best fungo bats help players and coaches hit balls to the field for practice and training sessions.
  • Conditioning tools. These are usually stretch bands or other devices designed to strengthen and condition a player’s muscles and overall form.
  • Additional accessories. There are all kinds of other unique baseball accessories and inventions that can enhance your game.

What do they all have in common? The best baseball training aids enhance player performance and make training sessions easier.

What are Baseball Swing Trainers?

Hitting is a largely mental aspect of baseball. Players who don’t have the right mindset can get into slumps, often lasting weeks until something “clicks” their swing comes back around. Another crucial aspect of batting, though, is the physical form of swinging.

SKLZ Hurricane Baseball Swing Trainers
An Example Swing Trainer – The SKLZ Hurricane (Image Credit

A player’s swing develops only through dedicated practice and focus. There’s nothing like practicing with a live pitcher, but players can’t always have someone else to practice with. There are numerous devices out there called baseball swing trainers to help with this.

It’s the independent practice time that requires extra tools for players to hone their swing. Whatever aspect of your swing you are looking to develop, there are swing trainers available to practice on.

Benefits of Baseball Training Aids

Baseball training aids can be used for all different positions, depending on the type chosen. Let’s take a look at some top benefits offered by popular models:

  • Improve Overall Performance. Practice makes perfect, vand the best baseball training aids increase hand-eye coordination and overall in-game performance.
  • Save Time & Resources. Whether it’s a batting trainer or a fungo bat, baseball training aids can take the place of another player or coach, saving time and money.
  • Sharpen Reflexes. Baseball trainers can help sharpen reflexes, teach difficult techniques and maneuvers, and condition muscles for optimal form.
  • Win Games. The hard work pays off when the bases are loaded and your team knocks one out of the park! Baseball training aids help you prepare for difficult in-game scenarios and give you a cutting-edge advantage.

Moreover, each unit offers its own set of features and perks. Check the listings of your favorite models to see all the ways they can help.

Choosing the Best Baseball Training Aids

Having trouble choosing the right training aid? With so many options out there, that’s totally understandable. Let’s peek at some of the top considerations:

  • Game position
  • Intended use
  • Type of training aid
  • Brand & model
  • Price

First, assess your position and intended use. Different trainers are useful for different purposes, and picking the right type is key. Let’s take a closer look at who each type of trainer is best suited for:

  • Batters. Batting aids like pitching machines, tees, nets, and conditioners are the go-to choice for batters.
  • Pitchers. Pitchers will want to opt for training balls, throwing accessories, nets, and conditioning tools.
  • Fielding. Both infield and outfield players will benefit from practice gloves, training balls, and similar accessories.
  • Instructors. Fungo bats and practice balls will help speed up and refine training sessions and practice drills.

Once you’ve identified the necessary equipment, scope out the top brands and models within your price range. Fortunately, our top 10 list features highly rated equipment for players on every budget.

Baseball Swing Trainers – Other Things to Consider

When you’re looking to buy a baseball swing trainer, you’ll want to consider what aspect of your swing you want to improve. There are a lot of factors that go into an effective swing, so it’s important to know specifically what is going wrong. Consider the possibility that it is pressure that causes your swing to suffer.

If you do exceptionally well in batting practice but have trouble performing in the game, consider a trainer that can improve your focus as opposed to emphasizing your form or swing.

baseball swing trainer device


There are also a number of small aspects of one’s stance that can largely affect a swing. Things like elbow position, the angle of the knees, and grip are all subject to change and should be considered before beginning to change your swing.

Coaching and Practice

Go to a professional hitting coach, or consult with your team’s coach to get some input on ways that you could improve your swing. Another thing to think about before you purchase your swing trainer baseball device is the amount of effort that you plan to put into practice. How much do you want to get out of your trainer?

baseball swing trainer

Set aside a space that can accommodate a full swing and a decent range of motion. If you’re planning on putting a lot of effort in, make sure that the space you set aside is private, accessible, and functional.

When thinking about how serious you’re going to be about practicing, consider how much money you’re looking to spend on a trainer. It all depends on how important your swing is to you, so don’t spend large sums of money on a piece of equipment that you’ll give up on in the first few weeks.

Find a Trainer That Works For You

Not all of the baseball swing trainers listed above will be the right fit for every person. It’s important to understand where you could improve your swing, and get a trainer that can provide a way to work on whatever aspect you need to address.

Baseball is one of the most difficult sports to master, and hitting is one of the most difficult aspects of baseball. If you need any advice or further information on your swing, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Video: How to Use PowerNet’s Baseball Training Aid

Once you’ve chosen your baseball training aid, it’s time to put it to work. To help you on your way, we’ve scoped out an amazing video overview of the PowerNet Training Aid. It’s one of the most popular and highest rated baseball training aids on the market, and it can be used for pitching and batting practice.

Check it out below:

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