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Baseball training can be grueling. Drills, practice, and scrimmage sessions are necessary, but they quickly wear you out. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. The best fungo bats allow coaches to easily hit balls to their team with less fatigue or chance of injury. Moreover, these training bats allow the user to throw the ball up and knock it out of the park all by themselves – no pitcher necessary.

These lightweight and specially crafted bats are a must for any baseball training arsenal. They offer many advantages over standard bats for coaches. Incorporating a fungo bat into fielding practice enables players to develop better hand-eye coordination and work on wrangling in wild ground balls. This article takes you through the best fungo bats on the market and offers a glimpse at how to use them for maximum effectiveness. Ready to hit one out of the park? Let’s get started.

10 Best Fungo Bats for 2021

This list takes you through the top fungo bats on the market. You’ll find summaries and a snapshot overview for each model.

1. Easton MLF5 Maple Wood Fungo Bat


Our pick for one of the best maple bats for fungos

The Easton MLF5 Maple Wood Fungo Bat is an excellent choice for coaches, adults, and teen players alike. The bat is slightly heavier than rival fungo bats, but the maple finish combined with a 7/8″ handle and cupped end makes it incredibly effective. A great choice all around.


  • Made from maple wood
  • 37” length; 24oz weight
  • Ten style options

2. Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Bat


Our pick for one of the best fungo bat for fly balls

Louisville Slugger has been in the baseball business for well over a century, and their reputation is second to none. The K100 Ash Fungo Bat lives up to their promise of quality to deliver a fungo powerhouse and is our pick for the best ash fungo bat. This bat boasts a 2 1/4″ end loaded barrel and a unique shape that will knock grounders and fly balls out of the park.


  • Made from ash wood
  • 36” length; 16oz weight
  • One style option

3. Marucci Aluminum Fungo Bat


Our pick for one of the best metal fungo bats

If you’re looking for something a bit more durable, the Marucci Aluminum Fungo Bat is an excellent choice. Made from lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy, this bat performs second to none. It’s got a patented anti-vibration AV2 knob, removable taper, and soft-touch grip for unrivalled ergonomics, and its one-piece construction means pro grade performance. Backed by a one year warranty.


  • Made from aluminum metal
  • 35” length; 22oz weight
  • One style option

4. SSK PS100 Poplar Wood Fungo Bat

Our pick for one of the best lightweight fungo bats

This stunning bat features a lightweight Japanese Poplar barrel for incredible balance and an uncupped end for comfortable ergonomics. Plus, at just one pound, it’s one of the lightest fungo bats around. It’s been specially designed to reduce the chance of injury, and it’s comfortable enough to practice for hours with no fatigue.


  • Made from Lightweight Japanese Poplar
  • 33” length; 16oz weight
  • One style option

5. DeMarini Fungodelic Maple Wood Composite Fungo Bat

DeMarini Fungodelic Pro Maple Wood Composite Fungo Bat

Our pick for best composite fungo bat

We probably don’t need to tell you that DeMarini has been in the game for years, with a massive online presence and line of pro equipment. This maple wood composite fungo bat meets and exceeds expectations thanks to its traditional form factor, durable construction, and rock hard finish that delivers the perfect pop. At 23oz, it’s one of the heavier fungo bats on our list, so if you need something with a little more heft it’s ideal. That makes it great for baseball and softball.


  • Maple wood barrel and composite frame
  • 35” length; 23oz weight
  • Seven style options

6. Easton F4 Aluminum Fungo Bat


Our pick for one of the best fungo bats for ground balls

Another offering by Easton, the A4 Aluminum Fungo Bat is perfect for hitting fly balls and grounders to the infield and outfield. It’s constructed from a one-piece aluminum alloy, and it boasts a 32” handle with a pro-tapered grip. Because it clocks in at 22oz and is heavier than most of the other fungo bats on this list, it is a great softball fungo bat too. This bat comes in around $50, making it an incredibly affordable metal fungo for coaches and players alike.


  • Made from aluminum metal
  • 35” length; 22oz weight
  • One style option

7. Rawlings Northern Ash Fungo Bat


Our pick for best balanced wood bat

The Rawlings Northern Ash Fungo Bat is lightweight and perfectly balanced for easy swings and no fatigue. The cupped barrel will launch balls with ease, while the natural wood finish means you’ll swing in style. This bat is a great option for folks seeking to strike a balance between cost and effectiveness.


  • Made from Northern Ash wood
  • 35” length; 22oz weight
  • One style option

8. Mizuno Elite Wood Composite Bat


Our pick for one of the best fungo bat for softball

The Mizuno Elite is the only bat on our list made from a material as unique as Chinese Whitewood. This lightweight yet durable composite will have you popping flies to the outfield and shooting grounders to infielders. It also boasts a sanded handle for better grip and it comes in various styles for the perfect finish.


  • Made from Chinese Whitewood
  • 35-37” length; 16oz weight
  • Five style options

9. Accubat Fungo Racquet


Our pick for one of the best fungo racquets

No list of fungo bats would be complete without mention of a racquet. Grab hold, toss the ball up, then easily pop flies with total accuracy. This unit weighs a bit more than other fungo bats, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Plus, it’s the only product on our list that comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Made from graphite composites
  • 12” length; 26oz weight
  • One style option

10. Bownet Poplar Fungo Bat


Our pick for one of the best poplar fungo bats

If you’re looking for unrivalled durability and effectiveness combined with sleek style, look no further than the Bownet Fungo Bat. Crafted from the highest quality poplar wood, this bat is both lightweight and powerful for maximum efficacy. Plus, with 15 different color options, it’s sure to be a hit on the field.


  • Made from poplar wood
  • 35” length; 16oz weight
  • 15 style options

What is a Fungo Bat?


Fungo bats are a special type of baseball bat used for hitting practice. All the user must do is hold the bat in one hand, throw the ball up with the other, and whack it to the receiving players. Bats used for this purpose need to be longer and more lightweight than traditional baseball bats so that the user experiences less fatigue or chance of injury. The best fungo bats step in to fill this role.

Fungo bats originated in the 1800s as a training tool for coaches, and they remain incredibly popular for this same purpose. How’s it work? Coaches typically use these bats to send balls out to their players in the infield and outfield. To that end, they make a great tool for drills and training sessions, and offer a number of benefits to both coaches and their players.

Benefits of Fungo Bats

There are numerous reasons to purchase and practice with a fungo bat:

  • Send Balls Accurately. Fungo bats allow coaches and players to easily and accurately send balls across the playing field. Plus, due to their lightweight and ergonomic form factor, there is a lesser chance of fatigue or injury.
  • Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination. Practice makes perfect, and routinely sending balls to the infield and outfield is sure to enhance your player’s hand-eye coordination and overall in-game performance.
  • Save Time & Money. Fungo bats can easily take the role of one of the best pitching machines or even an assistant coach. This frees up time and resources for additional training or investments in other crucial equipment.
  • Win More Games! The goal is to perform better so you can win more games and climb the ranks. Fungo bats are the perfect accessory for practice, and they make a great addition to a training arsenal.

Furthermore, each fungo bat is unique and boasts its own set of specs and features. Check and compare your favorite models to find the best fit.

Choosing the Best Fungo Bat

how to pick out a fungo bat
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So what is the best fungo bat? Well, that depends on your particular needs. Let’s take a look at what goes into finding the perfect fit:

  • Intended use
  • Size
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Cost

Are you a coach looking to send fly balls and grounders to your players? Perhaps you’re a player yourself? Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to find a fungo bat that’s suitable for your grip and style. Fortunately, there are many different types out there, with various sizes, weights, and materials to pick from. Try to opt for a wood or aluminum build, and consider using a sizing guide to find the best match.

Choosing a reputable brand is always a solid choice, and our list features options from Louisville Slugger, Easton, and more. Still, it’s always a good idea to check consumer ratings for a realistic look at how it’ll hold up on the playing field. And– remember that this is an investment in your players and yourself. A little extra money now is almost always worth it in the long run.

How to Hit a Fungo Like a Boss Video

Hitting a fungo ball is very different from hitting a traditional ball. That said, don’t sweat it if your form isn’t ideal. Even pro coaches have a hard time at first.

To help you on your way, we’ve pulled the following video by You Go Pro Baseball over on Youtube. The coach takes you through the steps of using a fungo bat, with recommendations for form, position, and more. Whether you’re using one of the best birch bats, a metal fungo bat, or a different option, the overall process should be the same. Check the video out below and you’ll be an expert in no time:

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